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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday Thumbs

Another in a series wherein I express my approval or disapproval concerning news of the week, happenings, or other trivia through a cute graphic, rather than with my usual long, hard-to-follow, and humorless rants and rambling.

thumbs upThumbs up to you, you person of the year, you.

thumbs downThumbs down to Microsoft. I remember the old "Windows 95=Mac 88." We can now say "Vista=Jaguar."

thumbs downThumbs down to anti-Muslim bigotry. Keith Ellison, by the way, was born in this country to Christian parents. Jeebus save Ellison from his fellow Congressmen.

thumbs downThumbs down to anti-Muslim bigotry. (It's a different link this time; it's about Obama.)

thumbs upThumbs up to this metaphor: I would also like a president willing to stand up for me in a bar fight.

thumbs downThumbs down to Judge Zeigler, who still has geography issues.

thumbs upThumbs up to Aaron, who is walking us through all seventy-bleeping-nine of the Iraq Study Group's recommendations. Too bad for Aaron that the Decider done decided to ignore the ISG.

thumbs downThumbs down to the New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce. Would I like $100,000 a year? Yes. From a private company like Edison? No way.

thumbs upThumbs up to Midwest Airlines, and their cookies. And, sad to say, some of us need those extra two inches.

thumbs downThumbs down to people who don't understand the concept of satire. Not that I favor censorship in any form, however.

What are you thumbing up and down this week?

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