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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Boxing Day! And that pesky contest reminder.

I'm working up to posting some real content; I'm mostly still sleeping off the mashed potatoes. But here's an update on the Judge Ziegler situation.

The photo to your left there is from Patrick at Badger Blogger; it's much nicer than my own North Pole pic. If you don't already know why Judge Annette Ziegler seems to be freezing herself posing there, well, it's all part of the contest.

I'm actually willing to believe Ziegler's campaign people who said (Madison TV News and Madison paper) it was a campaign volunteer testing whether some web software would work that led to the seeming deception her website. The volunteer doctored photos to make it look like Judge Ziegler had visited places she had not. I certainly don't think (contra DICTA), that it's a real violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct--in part because her campaign did act quickly to take the photos down once word got out--and replaced them with real photos from (mostly) the real places in question.

Carrie Lynch caught the doctoring, I promoted it, and Aaron took it a step further prompting a contest. The Wisconsin State Journal story linked above does give credit to "left-wing bloggers" for discovering the photos, though it doesn't credit anyone in particular. One of the people involved in the WKOW-TV report (which didn't mention bloggers at all) gives us credit at his own blog, even plugging the contest.

I'll be posting more entries every day as I receive them (I have at least three more) up until December 31, the contest deadline. The prize is the chance to do a podcast with me and Aaron. Email me your jpgs or gifs, or post them to your own blog (try to send me a link, though), and good luck!

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