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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

To my readers: an apology, and a clarification

In my post last week about the proposal to arm teachers, I linked to a number of bloggers on the other side of the ideological divide who disagreed with me, with my premise that guns for teachers was indeed the Stupidest Idea Ever. I've turned off one of those links--redirected it to this post, in fact--because now, if you click through, you are greeted to a profanity-laden "update" insulting and demeaning you. (For a "bleeped" version of what it says now, check the end of this post at Playground Politics.)

So, gentle readers, if you clicked through and were greeted by that, I apologize. Clearly, that blogger's issues manifest themselves in hostile and really kind of scary diatribes (this is not our first run-in), and I'm sorry you had to see that.

I would also like to clarify: I never, ever link to people I disagree with in order to implicitly (or explicitly) direct you, gentle readers, to act badly towards them--abusive emails, nasty comments, etc.--since that is one behavior to which I will not stoop. I have no evidence that any of you have done such a thing; in any case, please don't provoke that blogger any further.

But you needn't worry now; I will not link to that particular blogger again.

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