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Sunday, October 01, 2006

More Wisconsin Connections to the Foley Scandal: John Gard has some 'splainin to do

(Slight update at 4:00 pm to add another $10,000.)

The Brew City Brawler pointed out yesterday--though I didn't see it until this afternoon--that Republican candidate for the Wisconsin 8th Congressional District John Gard has Foley problems. No, Mark Foley has never given money to Gard (the way he did for gubernatorial candidate Mark Green), but Gard did get money from some people tied to the Foley scandal:
  • Gard received $10,000 from Republican Majority Leader John Boehner's Freedom Project PAC. Boehner not only knew about Foley's problems, but helped cover up for them. He also lied for House Speaker Dennis Hastert, retracting a statement originally claiming he'd told Hastert after the Speaker's office initially denied it. Now Hastert's office admits to knowing.

  • Gard also took $5,000 from Hastert's Keep Our Majority PAC.

  • Gard took another $10,000 from the Together for Our Majority PAC (TOMPAC), which is the PAC of Tom Reynolds--the Congressman from New York, not the nutty Wisconsin State Senator. Reynolds, who chairs the NRCC--the campigan committee for House Republicans--was the first elected official that was told of Foley's behavior almost a year ago. That's right--the first guy told was the political guy, not the Speaker of the House, the Majority Leader, or even the Republican on the House Page Board. Tells you where their priorities are, eh?

  • Finally, Gard scored $2,000 from John Shimkus's John S Fund PAC. Shimkus is the Republican member of the House Page Board, the group that oversees the House Pages and makes sure everything goes okay with that program. Shimkus and the Board's clerk met, reviewed the allegations against Foley, and decided against doing an investigation or even informing the lone Democrat on the panel, Dale Kildee.
Gard needs to explain how and why he thinks it's a good idea to keep $27,000 in PAC money from men who knowingly participated in the cover-up of crimes and inappropriate behavior.

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