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Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday Random Ten

The Friday the 13th Edition

1. "Lovers in a Dangerous Time" Bruce Cockburn from Anything Anytime Anywhere
2. "Revenge" Whiskeytown from Faithless Street
3. "Girl" Rhett Miller from This Bird Has Flown
4. "Bigger Than My Body" John Mayer from Heavier Things
5. "Promise Me" Lucy Kaplansky from Ten Year Night
6. "Tea Tale" Sons of the Never Wrong from Nuthatch Suite
7. "The Ballad of Me and Jones" Chuck Brodsky from Tulips for Lunch
8. "That's My Dad" JohnSmith from To the Four Directions
9. "The Love Letter" Carrie Newcomer from The Bird or the Wing
10. "Don't Fix My Faucet" Kate McDonell from Next

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