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Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday Random Ten

The is it October already? Edition*

1. "Touch Me Fall" Indigo Girls from Swamp Ophelia
2. "Falling Down the Mountainside" David Gray from Lost Songs
3. "When Jimmy Falls in Love" Vance Gilbert from Edgewise
4. "Fall on Me" R.E.M. from Eponymous
5. "World's not Falling Apart" Dar Williams from The Beauty of the Rain
6. "Snow Don't Fall" John Gorka from Writing in the Margins
7. "Falling" Peter Mulvey from Kitchen Radio
8. "Falling" Sons of the Never Wrong from 3 Good Reasons
9. "Fall Stories" Girlyman from Remember Who I Am
10. "Fall" Peter Mayer from Million Year Mind

* I've been told I should explain the different methodology: I created a playlist of songs with the word "fall" in them, and these are the first ten (of about 40) that came up.

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