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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Walker Watch: Lawbreaker, Liar, Loser

by capper

Walker hasn't kept many, if any of his previous promises. Now he isn't even bothering trying to keep his current campaign promises to provide safety, affordability or pride to Milwaukee County. We have lots to cover so let's get at, shall we?

Scott Walker, Lawbreaker:

We already have seen how Walker would cut state-mandated positions in the county. Only the county board kept him from sending the county into violation of the state law.

Then very recently, we have seen how Walker has violated the federal laws on privacy. Ken Mobile has more on this violation and Jim McGuigan gives us some details on CRG, who owns Walker, and keeps him on a short leash.

Now, thanks to the intrepid and impeccable Gretchen Schuldt, we see that Walker wants the circuit court judges to stop giving convicts Huber (work release) priveleges. She provides us with a letter from Chief Judge Kitty Brennan pointing out that Huber is a state-mandated law, and cannot be refused to people who are eligible for it. This can cause all sorts of other problems. From Judge Brennan's letter:
Judges are obligated by law to consider work release along with many other sentencing possibilities. It’s part of the statutes and case law requirements. It’s up to you, as the ultimate supervisor of the HOC, to provide a work release center that effectively and safely supervises offenders.

If you decide to eliminate your work release center, please consider that you may be creating bigger problems for the public. All of those offenders who would otherwise be eligible for work release must then be housed in the jail or House of Correction. That will significantly strain the jail and HOC capacity and cost the taxpayers a great deal of money. In addition, without a work release program, no convicted offenders will be able to earn the money to: 1) provide restitution to victims; 2) support their families; or, 3) pay their fines and forfeitures.

Scott Walker, Liar:

One of Walker's favorite campaign themes is that State Senator Lena Taylor would be bringing in a million dollars or more in special interest money from all over, including Madison and Washington, D.C. He even exploited his wife to get this false message out.

Well, as it turns out, Walker is the one getting the big bucks, and most of it is from outside of Milwaukee County. Today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that 62% of the money he raised came from outside of Milwaukee County, including $7,500 which came from the Walton family. The Walton family is, of course, of Wal-Mart infamy. And, of course, as usual, Ken Mobile has beaten me to this story.

I do take heart in the fact that even though Walker has raked in four times the money that Senator Taylor did, at least her money shows a strong support amond Milwaukee County citizens. And we are the ones that will be voting, not the Wal-Mart family or the special interests from outlying counties.

Scott Walker, Loser:

To wrap up this episode, we return to Ken Mobile again. He has a post showing that even though Milwaukee County has absolutely nothing to do with MPS or with school choice, Walker is deciding to make this one of this talking points. To make matters worse, Walker is such a loser, he can't or won't even tell the truth on this matter either.

Mr. Mobile also shows that Walker is misrepresenting himself on his crime prevention position as well. That is nothing new either.

If you are as tired as I am of this lying, lawbreaking loser, who doesn't even know what his job is, even though he has supposed to have been doing for the last six years, please give whatever support you can to Senator Lena Taylor.

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