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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Question for John Torinus

By Keith Schmitz

When it comes to business there are few as sharp as John Torinus and as one who leans to the right, someone who can lay out a reasoned, civil argument.

He will be part of a panel discussion tomorrow at Marquette on health care. Torinus is a big fan of so-called market-driven health care as a solution to our problems.

Torinus will be pushing the idea of catastrophic health insurance policies as part of his overall approach.

Because of work conflicts I cannot be there and would like someone to ask Toriuns, what is to prevent insurance companies from not covering people due to pre-existing conditions, and preventing these companies from denying coverage do to loop holes as they do now.

Seems to me if there is not some kind of regulation of these practices even with the meager proposed coverage, a large number of people will still be at risk.

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