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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Walk(er) On The Wild Side

by capper

Now that the primaries are over, it is now time to turn our focus on April 1st, when the spring general elections are being held. Even though I am sure that these races will get more heated as the next few weeks go by, here are some things to help whet your appetite.

Zachary, of Blogging Blue, takes the time to recap a few of the lies that Walker has told and some of the many promises that Walker has broken.

We also have Gretchen Schuldt, who has been telling the undercovered scoop of Walker failing to keep the community safe. For a refresher on Round 1 as Walker gets chastised by Chief Judge Kitty Brennan, I would refer you to my post from last week.

Gretchen now gives us details of Round 2. The highlight is when Judge Brennan gives Walker a sharp right to the chin with this:

I've already expressed my opinion that a GPS program will only be safe if there is sufficient law enforcement monitoring of offenders and strict enforcement of violations. I do not see adequate monitoring and enforcement staffing levels or jail beds addressed un your current GPS proposal...
We also have the Brawler of Brew City, who creatively hypothesizes what it might look like have Walker loses, and he is forced to go out and look for real work. Here is just a teaser to pique your interest, but do make sure to read the rest. It is hilarious:

Recruiter: I've been looking through your materials. I just wanted to note I was surprised by how many misspellings I caught on your resume --

Walker: I'm giving my secretary 30 days to fix those or she's gone.

Recruiter: Isn't it your responsibility to make sure your resume is clean before you submit it --

Walker: Fifteen days? Would that be decisive leadership or what? Think of what I could do for your business!

Recruiter: Right...and that's why we're here. OK, first off, congratulations on your political career. I think it's safe to say that your ascension to county executive has challenged my belief that this country is a meritocracy.

Walker: Thanks!

I think that the biggest slap at Walker came from Milwaukee County voters, when they decided to keep John Weishan, Jr., on the ballot, while the pro-Walker candidate, Matthew Muelver, doesn't make it past the primary. The results with 90% of the votes counted:

John Weishan (inc) 3,139 36%

Timothy Manzke 2,445 28%

Matthew Muelver 1,888 21%

Richard Eaton 1,343 15%

This just echoes of the special election last summer, when Walker backer/crony Chris Kujawa lost handedly in a race for the County Board.

To continue the roll, please support Senator Lena Taylor. To get more information, please click here to get to her website.

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