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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How Not To Make A Point

by capper

I have often expressed my concern about the possibility of Wisconsin passing a concealed carry law. Naturally, there are some squeaky wheels who sit in opposition to this position, and advocate for such a law, citing antecdotes.

In today's JSOnline Newswatch, there is another antecdotal story that confirms my postion:
A 76-year-old West Bend man was charged today with brandishing a shotgun at a city snow plow driver after apparently becoming angry that the plow struck his mailbox.

According to a criminal complaint filed today, Edward H. Haas, of West Bend, at about 4:45 p.m. on Monday followed the plow driver to the next block on Park Avenue and parked a minivan in front of the plow, blocking its path.

The plow driver said Haas ran up to the truck, yelled "You hit my mailbox four (expletive) times," went back to the van, pulled out a double-barrel shotgun, brought it up to his shoulder and aimed it at the driver, the complaint says.

When he saw Haas point the gun at him, the driver immediately stepped on the truck's accelerator and turned it away from Haas, according to the complaint.

West Bend police responded and went to Haas' home, but Haas refused to come to the door after police knocked. Officers entered the house and after a brief search found a shotgun in a basement storage room that fit the description given by the plow driver, according to the complaint.

Haas told police he did not aim the gun at the driver but waved a broom stick at him, the complaint says.

Haas was charged Tuesday with pointing a firearm at another person and disorderly conduct with a dangerous weapon. Both are misdemeanors. If convicted on both counts, Haas could be imprisoned 18 months.

Haas has no prior criminal record, according to online court records. He could not be reached for comment.

This man has gone through 76 years without committing a crime. And he was wielding a shotgun, not a handgun. Yet he threatened someone's life and safety in a moment of rage.

Now imagine hundreds, if not thousands of younger people, packing handguns, walking and/or driving around. It only takes one moment of rage and someone could get seriously hurt, if not killed. Of course, the recent news of a rash of shootings, both locally and abroad, already proves that point.

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