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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Reminder: BVNA/BVC Candidate Forum Tonight

by folkbum

If you live in the City of Milwaukee's 14th aldermanic district, or the Milwaukee County 14th supervisory district, or--like me--in both, there is a candidate forum tonight sponsored by the Bay View Compass and the Bay View Neighborhood Association.
The Bay View Compass and the Bay Neighborhood Association are sponsoring a candidate forum on Tuesday, February 12 at the Lake Express Terminal Lobby, located at 2330 S. Lincoln Memorial Drive.

The event begins at 7:00 pm and is open to the public.

Candidates for the contested Aldermanic District 14 seat (incumbent Tony Zielinski) and County Supervisor District 14 seat (incumbent Richard Nyklewicz, Jr., who is retiring) are forum participants.

Candidates for Aldermanic District 14 are Arthur Kimball, Andrew Reid, and Tony Zielinski and for County Supervisor District 14, Jason Haas, Steven Kraeger, Christopher Larson, and Sebastian Raclaw.

Candidates will be asked questions prepared by BVNA, the Bay View Compass, and from members of the audience. Bring a question your next County Supervisor and Alderman--this is your chance to quiz the candidates about the issues and policies that matter to you!
My initial leanings are to vote to re-elect Tony Zielinski and for Chris Larson (sorry Jason, but I'm voting for the guy who can win here). I expect to be at the forum, and may take my laptop for live(ish)blogging.

The primary is next Tuesday, and the general election is April 1.

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