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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Be the First on Your Block to Own a His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein Ayass Motors Car

By Keith Schmitz

Things have now come full circle.

From the people who have us over a barrel when it comes providing with the oil we continually chug, now offer a new way to burn it.

From the press release:
Under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah Ibn Al Hussein and with the attendance of the Prime Minister, His Excellency Eng. Nader Al Dahabi, His Majesty’s representative, Ayass Motors celebrated the launch of its first of a kind vehicle manufacturing and assembly plant in the Kingdom on 30th January at Le Royal Hotel, central Amman.
One can only imagine the features on these new cars. Also consider the interesting bed fellows in this deal.
Our overall aim is to our customers with high quality vehicles at competitive prices. This product is the outcome of Jordanian, Chinese and Iraqi collaboration, and will be sold to customers according to Jordanian and international quality standards, providing a premium vehicle all produced in Jordan.”
“We are in the middle of negotiations with a number of international companies who are also interested in assembling their products in Jordan. The added value benefit of assembling other products produced in the Arab world will be a plus to our investment. In some Arab countries the automobile car complimentary industry is competing on an international level resulting in the aspired Arabian economic union”, added Mr. Mazen Ayass, Chairman of Ayass Motors.
But admittedly, the bright side is it will take efforts like this to settle things down in the Middle East. Tom Friedman has pointed out that unless this region joins the rest of the economic world extremists will continue to offer up the only alternative for many, and it's not pleasant.

Detroit though won't have to worry because their production goals are modest:
Ayass Motors is the first Jordanian company specialized in vehicle manufacturing and assembly using the latest automotive manufacturing technologies in the Middle East, as it specializes in manufacturing a variety of vehicles under the name “Ayass Motors” according to the highest international standards. These vehicles include Pick ups with single and dual-drive Cabins, small vehicles and 4-wheel drive sport cars.
The company will start its operations by producing 5,000 vehicles during its first year, and will increase its production capacity to 12,000 vehicles annually in order to compete on a local, regional and international scale. The competitive advantage of Ayass Motors lies in the product quality, the competitive prices and maintenance and warranties.
I believe that works out to the monthly production at the Janesville GM plant.

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