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Friday, February 22, 2008

Your Liberal Media In Action

by capper

I just posted on the first debate between Senator Taylor and Walker. It was difficult to do this post. Not because the results weren't to be as expected, with Taylor winning, but because the local media did such a lousy job covering it.

First, they gave two different reports. There was the immediate JSOnline Newswatch report that was posted yesterday afternoon. Then there was the one that was heavily edited and put in this morning's paper. Go ahead and compare the two.

And while you're at it, count how many times they highlight Walker against how many times they mention Senator Taylor.

And to top it off, check out the last part of the edited version:
Both Walker and Taylor said they'd be advocates for education, another area not directly under the county's purview. Both said they were backers of school choice, though Taylor later qualified her stance. She said she favors requirements that choice teachers and administrators have state certification, a stand not shared with many choice proponents.

Some choice advocates have viewed Taylor as anti-choice, particularly for her lack of support for a plan last year to provide additional state funding to offset property taxes paid for the Milwaukee choice program.

Not only do they report on something that has absolutely nothing but then gets it wrong. With reporting like that, Senator Taylor will have to beat two opponents.

To help Senator Taylor get her message out, please go here and help anyway you can.

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