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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Happy Anniversary, John Norquist

by folkbum

Nine years ago, on our second anniversary, Sarah and I spent a good six or eight hours sitting around Newark International Airport waiting for a long-delayed Midwest Express (it was still called that, then, and still served Real Food with Real Flatware) flight home after taping Sarah's appearance on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" Waiting with us in the terminal was one then-Mayor of Milwaukee John Q. Norquist.

Today, killing time between the movie and dinner, we sat and read magazines at a bookstore. I picked up a copy of Monocle--why not?--and there was a commentary by one former-Mayor John Q. Norquist.

(Sarah: He looks much hipper that I remember.
Me: I think that happens to everyone who leaves Milwaukee.)

So now I'm wondering how Norquist is going to invade future anniversaries ...

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