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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Be honest

by folkbum

At the end of the present health care debate, is the headline that you want to see really "The Health Insurers [...] Won"?

I mean, really, set aside your partisanship and your bias and whatever idiotic beliefs are hanging on in there, and think: What kind of screwed up world do we live in when in the mix of voters, patients, representatives, and profit-seeking industry, it's the industry's interests that get privileged, over the wishes of the rest of us? When the health of the shareholders' portfolios is prioritized over the health of our neighbors?

Matt Taibbi is a fracking genius, of course, and his pronouncement a few weeks back was dead on:
Our government doesn’t exist to protect voters from interests, it exists to protect interests from voters.
When you consider how much the industry interests have stepped up their bribery campaign contributions, it's really not a surprise that Congress is not working on our interests, and that Business Week can confidently declare, "The carriers have succeeded in redefining the terms of the reform debate to such a degree that no matter what specifics emerge in the voluminous bill Congress may send to President Obama this fall, the insurance industry will emerge more profitable."

Remember, every dollar of profit for them is a dollar they're not spending to make someone well again. Congrats, industry; sucks to be you, sick people.

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