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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Best Health Care in the World

By Keith R. Schmitz

This op-ed from the WAPO lays out in clearly, easy to understand language why our peer countries do health care better than we do. No need to regurg here, just check it out.

Those other approaches translate into populations that are healthier, happier and less stressed. Turns out that in Germany and Austria that if someone is stressed they get sent to a spa for the weekend. We get to sit in our cars and flip the bird at other drivers.

It turns out that in fact in these countries people really do have a choice for health care insurance. In our country, many of us are in shot-gun marriages with our heath care insurers. And no, despite the poll cited that 80% of those insured like their insurance company, we really don't LOVE our insurance companies. In fact the US Postal system gets better ratings.

That is why it is so confounding that people take the time to make fools out of themselves at town hall meetings to cheer for something that many of us hate and resent because our options are truly limited -- health care choices, job choices and even marriages.

Makes one wonder that not only why we aren't smarter about how we do health care, but why do we consciously choose to make our lives harder? What do we owe this system when it seems to not feel like it owes anything to us?

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