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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Anthony Weiner Asks an Unanswered Question

By Keith R. Schmitz

What does private health insurance bring to the table in regards to our health care system?

This is a question I have put out a couple times on this blog with no satisfactory answers.

Turns out this morning, in what could be on a par with "sir at long last do you have no sense of decency," Congress member Anthony Weiner (D -- NY) asked Joe Scarborough repeatedly that very question, and repeatedly he did not answer it until finally Joe admitted, "I have no answer to that question."

The details are here. Actually a very civil discussion on both sides.

Once again here I expect the same results, though perhaps not as civil.

Bear in mind that the average insurance or a family of four is at $12,700 a year.

For those of you who fear that health care reform would raise your taxes, no one's taxes will go up that much, or for most people at all if Obama gets what he wants.

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