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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Wall Street Journal must not listen to Charlie Sykes

by folkbum

If they did, their "MarketWatch" subsidiary wouldn't have done this:
Milwaukee moved up two spots on MarketWatch's best 50 U.S. metros areas for business, and outpaced cities like Austin, Texas, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Portland, Ore. The area moved up to 16th place in 2008, from 18th a year earlier.
Sykes--along with his bosses at the WPRI, Belling, the local conservative bloggers, the WMC, the MMAC, and many more--have all been hair-on-fire screaming about the business climate in Wisconsin and particularly in the the tax-island/ tax-hell of Milwaukee. Apparently, the numbers suggest otherwise, and MarketWatch recognizes that.

You'll note that I'm quoting above from a "newswatch" story from jsonline yesterday. I wanted to quote from their full article today about the rankings, but the paper seems not to have done anything with it today. In fact, here's the on-line business section as it looks right now:

Nothing about the MarketWatch rankings. I had to google news even to get to the whole list from MarketWatch. I'm not sure why the story is not important, why, after all the headlines about Milwaukee's poor business climate and the paper's editorial insistence that everything (like the sick leave requirments) will kill Milwaukee's businesses, they can't front-page some good news. Must be something going on above my pay grade.

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