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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Left Lane Not for Parking

By Keith R. Schmitz

Bet this is your pet peeve:
In these days of longer commutes and simmering tempers, nothing seems to set off already-testy motorists like the left-lane camper -- the guy or gal who drives in the passing lane and bars faster drivers from easily passing.
There oughta be a law? Hogging the left lane is an infraction in some states:
Some states are cracking down on left-lane campers, both to keep traffic moving and to tamp down the road rage that goes from zero-to-60 faster than ever before.
And not just legally:
"Any moving violation that applies points to a driver's record could affect that driver's car insurance rates," says Susan Gallik Rouser, a spokeswoman for Progressive. "And because left-lane driving would be considered as such an infraction, we would take that into account when renewing a driver's policy."
But Wisconsin has no law against dozing in the passing lane. And maybe it shouldn't, but this is an issue of courtesy that seems to escape some people. Not that drivers should speed, but this mindlessness translates needless frustration and sometimes into road rage when someone lets a parade assemble behind their car while yakking on the cell phone and caring less about their driving.

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