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Sunday, December 07, 2008

I think I just got rickrolled

by folkbum

In this morning's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Leslie Graves (owner/ operator of Wisconsin State Sunshine and Open Records) says she's never gonna give me up:
Still, if most bloggers are anything like me, we blog when we feel like it and then we go on vacation, try to give up the habit or our computer crashes. If the "Army of Davids," as Instapundit Glenn Reynolds describes the blogosphere, were all like me, Goliath often would fail to be slain.

I want professional journalism to prosper. I want its honorable goals and traditions to grow richer and become more widespread. I think our world will be better if this happens and much worse if this tradition declines.

But for now, I'm not willing to give up the Wigderson Library & Pub or folkbum to slow the decline.
Leslie earlier makes references to the "Start" menu which, combined with the noted reference to "computer crashes," makes me think we should all chip in and buy her a Mac. On the other hand, she has earned a place on the blogroll, soon as I get around to updating it. Time to take down the Wasserman banner, you know.

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