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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Barack Wins. Let's Chill

By Keith R. Schmitz

My good friend capper correctly lays out the rocks that have been dumped on the road that unfolds before President-Elect Barack Obama.

Before I go on, let's savor that. President-Elect Barack Obama.

And please, this is not to rub certain folks' faces into this fact, but to invite them to indulge in this mellow moment.

Yes, there is a lot that will be heaped on the Barack's plate and some will attempt to weigh it down with bitter invective but hey, let's chill out folks.

There are certain things a president can and cannot do, but I have always believed that one the thing that the Commander-in-Chief does is radiate a mood. Look at all of the administrations and they either set the mood or pick up on the mood. In the case of Barack it is coolness.

Take note. Despite all of the garbage about palin' with terrorists and imaginary socialism that was shovelled in his direction, Barack never flung it back. Oh sure we on the blogs and some surragates jumped in, but the effect is always so much greater coming from the candidate and the campaign.

What a great example. Barack could have taken the bait during the Rachel Maddow interview just before the election, but he made it clear he was going to dis no one.

Right now I am viewing President Bush talk to the White House staff on the lawn and for once, I am enjoying watching him.

Sure the problems are big. But you know what. We put our heads down and do the job -- together. And we do it in a non-ideological fashion.

If we could devine anything from the electorate it is that they are getting tired of partisan bickering. They want solutions, no matter now we get to them.

So mix up a cool one -- later on today -- and sit back to enjoy the mellow buzz, because there will be things to do and we can't leave it to the politicians.

But as for now. Chill and enjoy it.

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