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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Look, Ma! No Guns!

by capper

The Journal Sentinel reports that Green Bay Packer Noah Herron drove off some home intruders, using a bed post.

No guns at all. Now the NRA groupies might say something like, "Well, yeah, he's a well-conditioned football player. He's in top shape. Of course he could fight off some kids. If he wasn't, and didn't have a gun, he'd be dead meat."

Then how would they explain this?
Man, 71, and friend in wheelchair subdue suspect

Tue Jun 3, 7:48 PM ET

KINGSTON, Pa. - The young woman probably thought the 71-year-old veteran, whose friend was in a wheelchair, would make an easy target. She was wrong. Harry Kopenis chased and tackled the 22-year-old woman he says robbed him at an ATM in northeastern Pennsylvania. Then, with help from his friend in a wheelchair, he held her until police arrived.

I'm sure it just boggles their minds.

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