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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Grandpa Must Be Spinning In His Grave

by capper

My poor grandfather must be spinning in his grave by now. I've written about my grandfather before. He was a simple man that had great pride in what he had, and took great pleasures out of the simple things in life. Things like spending time with his family and going out to eat. Especially if he felt the restaurant gave you your money's worth in both food and service.

Shortly after his passing three years ago, his favorite restaurant up north, Shoney's, closed down. Now there is none in the state. To me, it was not a great loss. Their food was bland at best.

Then his garage caved in during the winter.

Then Serb Hall started it's rapid decline, going from one of the best fish fries in town to fried sewage.

Now, another one of Grandpa's favorite eateries, Shakey's, is on it's way out. He enjoyed going there almost as much as he enjoyed his fish fries.

My family went there tonight, to have one more meal, for Grandpa. While there, I spoke to the manager. He told me that the restaurant was still making very good money, and business was still doing well, despite the lousy economy. He said that the reason the owners decided to close their doors were the unreasonable demands of the franchise, including signing a twenty year contract, and demanding that the restaurant be remodeled, including the removal of their trademark buffet.

Again, the short-sightedness and greed of some people have cost us another link to the past and to my grandfather.

All I can say now, is that the last remaining restaurant that Grandpa enjoyed better be paying attention, or there will be no more Cousins subs either.

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