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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Paul Ryan's Perpetual Motion Machine

By Keith Schmitz

Rising GOP star Paul Ryan has unveiled his "A Roadmap to American's Future" which did not fail to disappoint in that his innovative ideas to take us down this road are the usual retreads of right wing ideology.

Others will pick apart this turkey but my portion of the bird will be healthcare.

Surprise! Ryan wants to resort to the usual in GOPworld -- tax credits -- to pay for Americans to pay for health insurance.

With family tax credit being $5,000 to buy health insurance this will still leave a generous portion for uncovered Americans to pay when considering the average annual premium.

But this proposal reveals the usual problem -- relying on health insurance. If nothing is done to reform the current system, woes will still persist for average Americans.

Insurance to a greater extent is not protecting people from the rising costs of health care. A recent study showed Americans tumbling into debt when they run aground in a health care crisis.

It's no shock. Not only can't coverage keep up as medical costs soar, but it is well known health insurance companies find ways not to cover people and have staffs of medical experts to make sure that happens. Doctors offices have to employ full timers to provide the paperwork and answer trick questions.

There are also many people who could not get that coverage even if they had the money because of pre-existing conditions.

But what Ryan is proposing is a means to keep funding perpetually these insurance companies which exist to provide profit. Health care coverage appears to be a sideline.

This time our tax dollars help to make stoke their engines. Further, there is suspicion that once these tax credits happen companies will dump off their employee coverage. How convenient.

Why is it every time a Republican program is offered it is really wrapping for some corporate benefit? Can't the GOP ever leave their buddies out of the equation, or is that the way they feel government works?

Sorry Paul. When it comes to this portion of the road you are paving the way to hell for millions of Americans, but not with good intentions.

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