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Monday, May 12, 2008

More Progress Up North

by capper

First, thanks to everyone who has asked about my place up north. Things are getting better, albeit at a snail's pace.

The good news is that the Lambeauni rides (and mows) again. If you remember, it was buried under snow and debris:

After the snow finally melted, I was able to physically pull it out of the garage. Once outside, I got the key and tried it and with a big belch of smoke it started like nothing happened to it. The only serious problem was that the steering wheel was shattered. I was able to order a replacement wheel and put it on this past weekend:

There are a couple of scuffs and scratches on the hood, but nothing that probably wouldn't have happened just from use.

The garage is still a wreck, and I am having bad luck finding a contractor that isn't either swamped in work, charging through the nose, has a bad reputation, or any combination thereof.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we are planning on cleaning out the rest of the contents and start on the take down of what's left of the roof:

If anyone is interested in buying some old tools, like planes and a hand drill, let me know.

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