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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Car Stuff

by folkbum

So I've been back in my Scion now for a little over two weeks. Props to Lou's Auto Body/ Carstar for the solid and timely repair work. There was even a minor leftover issue that Dave Cook and his team took care of quickly and without additional hassle or cost.

But after driving the Prius for a little more than two weeks, I got pretty good at optimizing the gas mileage, getting close to the Toyota-claimed 48 mpg much of the time.

So when I got back into the Scion, I tried to drive the way I was driving in the Prius. And for the first full tank after I picked it up--driving my normal drive, just trying to pay more attention to how I was driving--I drove 346 miles on just over 10 gallons of gas. Before the accident, I was getting 30 or 31 mpg; just driving more carefully, I was able to get almost 35 mpg.

Food for thought! Anyway, here are a few high-mpg driving tips for you.

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