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Monday, May 05, 2008

American TV conned by whiny hypocrite

by folkbum

iT has the gory details. It seems John McAdams--who finds anti-religious speech offensive only when he disagrees with the speaker's politics--has bullied American TV into pulling their sponsorship of a concert appearance by Bill Maher. See my earlier post about it.

Lucky for us, McAdams has done the hard work of finding the contact information for the local retailer: Wyn Becker and Stephen DeShong at the corporate headquarters in Madison at (608) 271 1000. You can email them from this page.

What American needs to know is that it's been had by someone willing to manufacture outrage against people whose politics he finds distasteful. McAdams approvingly links to the blogger who calls Latinos "chattering chihuahuas" and Islam the "Religion of Piece (of Arm, of Leg, of Torso)." McAdams approvingly links to the blogger who said the reason women get raped in the military is because they're there. McAdams applauds organizations who bring anti-Muslim speakers like David Horowitz and Walid Shoebat to speak.

But slap your logo next to someone who disapproves of Bush-McCain politics? That's a logo too far.

Send your email or make your phone calls to let American know how disappointed you are that they caved to a vocal minority of hypocrites. Then meet me at Colder's.

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