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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rev. Wright: What digby said

by folkbum
[Obama] is a guy who has written a book about being abandoned by his father and here comes father figure Wright, so self-centered that he apparently couldn't accept that his own star burned less brightly than the younger man who was very possibly on his way to becoming America's first black president. James Carville famously called Bill Richardson "Judas" recently for endorsing Senator Obama over Hillary Clinton. I would say Wright has a much greater claim to the name.

We don't know how much Obama has been politically hurt by this. But we can be sure that the right wing will flog it with everything they have in the fall. They can't run on issues and their candidate is second rate (although he's the best they can hope for, which says something.) They can only win by attempting to destroy the Democratic candidate. And as bad at governing as they are, they are very, very good a character assassination. Wright seems intent upon helping them--perhaps so that he can drag Obama down into his martyrdom with him, I don't know.
Obama's in trouble here not because he believes what Wright believes--the evidence is clear that he does not--but rather because Wright is using the attention he's getting now to crush Obama's spirit. That's a pretty depressing thing to watch.

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