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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

For Your Entertainment... Democracy

By 3rd Way

The pundit consensus going into yesterday's primary seemed to be that Clinton needed to win by at least 10 points to stay in the race. Even if she won by 15 points it would still be nearly impossible for her achieve a clean victory and take a lead in total primary votes cast, but stating that fact does not sell as must-see punditry. The pundits today are all opining on how Clinton made it to the all important 10 point mark and sent the race for the candidacy in to overtime.

I guess we should be pleased that the Democratic race is more interesting than American Idol. But I question why all media outlets today reported that Clinton won by 10 points, when she really won by 9. The media has a vested interest in extending this race all the way to the convention. A fracas at the Democratic convention complete with 1968 style demonstrations would draw superbowl-like numbers of viewers to network news.

If Obama wins big in North Carolina in two weeks, as he is expected to, he should eliminate any claim Clinton can make about still having a shot at being the legitimate candidate. Nothing will stop her from making that claim, I just hope the media at some point starts reporting the hard facts about the numbers game and stops feeding this fantasy about a comeback kid.

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