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Monday, April 28, 2008

MPS to make up snow days

by folkbum

I figure it'll hit the news eventually, but MPS parents (and teachers!) need to know now:
April 28, 2008

Dear Fellow MPS Staff Members:

We would like to share information on snow days with you.

We received two letters from the Wisconsin Department of Instruction stating that DPI will issue no waivers to any districts who have inquired about the need to make up forloss of instructional time due to snow days when schools were closed this year. DPI administrators have told us we must make up two days in the calendar, or risk losing more than $3 million in general equalization aid.

Because of the two bad-weather days, we are below the requirement of 175 days of instruction and also lack the appropriate number of instructional minutes. We cannot simply add time to the school day to make up this time.

As a result, the MPS student calendar will be adjusted to make up two snow days.

All schools: We will use the May 14th banking day as a student attendance day. In addition, we plan to use the emergency makeup day that had previously been negotiated in contracts. This would mean that the last instructional day will now be June 13th, a Friday. The records day that had been scheduled for June 13th now will fall on Monday, June 16th.

We will very quickly begin messaging our parents. You can expect to see flyers available for school sites in all languages, a news release for media, and information on the MPS portal. We know that we can trust those of you who have regular contact with our families will help us get the word out.

Thank you,
Superintendent William Andrekopoulos

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