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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

One for all you union-bashers

Buried in an editorial about the news that the state's--and the Milwaukee Public Schools'--scores on WKCE math tests moved up a bit is this tidbit:
Notably, schools in Milwaukee that received extra resources through a National Education Association grant had bigger gains than did MPS as a whole. The lesson: Resources spent wisely make a difference.
The NEA ponied up its money, from its dues-paying members, in an effort to close the achievement gap. It seems to have helped raise scores overall. (We won't know until the disaggregated data are available whether the gap closed.)

But where was the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce with its grant to raise achievement? Or the Club for Growth? Or School Choice Wisconsin? Or any of the other groups or individuals who regularly bash the unions for not caring about kids or education?

I thought so.

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