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Monday, May 07, 2007

I almost never get this angry

by folkbum

It's a good thing I have other things that need doing tonight, because this has got me swearing out loud. That almost never happens. Blogging is usually my release, not my stress.

No doubt the right half of the Cheddarsphere is trumpeting it as the latest golden turd to fall from the sky, extolling the no-nonsense attitude and secretly grateful it was wtritten by an African American so that liking the idea isn't racist.

A full response will come later after I do the jobs that pay the bills. Just know that any respect that may have been slowly building for this guy is now gone.

UPDATED to add: For those who would close the schools, remember this: "While reports of assaults on teachers and weapons possession are at disturbing levels in Milwaukee's schools, experts note that school is still one of the safest places a child can be." Chew on that, you heartless bastards.

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