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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wisconsin: The Dairy (And Contra-War Veterans) State

By Bert

It caught my attention when a feature story on gun-dealer Bob Pucci -- whom you hear on AM radio ads -- mentioned that in his younger days Pucci played a minor role in the Reagan-era counter-revolution against the Sandinistas called the Contra war.
Pucci worked briefly as a police officer in Edgerton and later coordinated shipments of arms and other supplies to anti-communist rebels in Nicaragua in the mid-'80s.
I recall that another Contra warrior, the pilot Eugene Hasenfuss whose plane was shot down by the Nicaraguans, also ended up in the Milwaukee area. I, like everyone else, only learned this after Hasenfuss was caught playing with himself in a Kmart parking lot in Brookfield seven years ago. Although nothing like the hot water Hasenfuss found himself in when he was taken prisoner by Sandinista soldiers in 1986 and the White House's supposedly secret operation was at that point in the news, the ex-warrior was charged with indecent exposure by Waukesha County.

Unlike Hasenfuss, Bob Pucci is striving to make positive contributions to society with his hunting foundation. I just find it improbable that not one but two participants in that misguided Nicaraguan mess ended up as my neighbor.

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