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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Walter Reed Hospital vs. Kerry "Joke"

By Bert

The Gen. J.C. Christian has a graphic displaying the lack of interest by right-wing bloggers in the shabby treatment of wounded veterans at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. But, now that the general mentions it, as a matter of fact it is not much of a story around here among the big names in the limburgersphere either.

Owen at Boots & Sabers, to his credit, does make a post. But Charlie Sykes and Jessica McBride do not that I can find mention this disgrace at their WTMJ blogs. And Charlie did not include it in his promotion of the Sunday TV show.

To be honest, I am not fond of this common but tawdry tactic of decrying what some media outlet does not cover -- as if in this age of the info blizzard you can cover everything.

But I'm doing it anyway this time, and here's why. Remember the moral outrage in the name of defending the troops that Charlie and Jessica aimed at John Kerry and his insult that wasn't meant to be an insult? If memory serves, that prompted some blog posts.

Update: Jessica McBride weighed in on this Sunday evening on her blog with an earnest statement that veterans deserve the best care our country can offer. She mentions Lincoln, but not Bush.

Update II: As it turns out, the neglect and poor treatment of wounded veterans has caused some real pain among at least one right-wing operative. Brit Hume of Fox News, for example, is troubled because this looks bad for Republicans.

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