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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another get-rich quick scheme: three-ounce plastic bottles

by folkbum

Long-time obsessive readers may recall that in the middle of the night between August 9 and 10, I was in the Ted Stevens International Airport, watching CNN as they broke the story of the liquid carry-on bomber plot from London.

Since then, TSA has instituted rules about how much liquid you can carry on and in what configurations. This includes the rule that any liquids or gels--shampoo, lip gloss, toothpaste--must be in three-ounce bottles (or smaller). Trouble is, you can't buy three-ounce bottles. Anywhere. Not at Target, Walgreens, Amazon, travel websites, anywhere. You can get four-ounce bottles all over. Even kits with four- and two-ounce bottles together. But no threes.

On the flights I've taken since then, I've just checked my liquids. But I have a flight coming up that, for connection reasons I want to carry on only. But I lack . . . three-ounce bottles.

If anyone can get a plant up and running soon making those suckers, I promise I'll buy a bunch. There's a whole untapped market out there, people.

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