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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mary Tillman and Cindy Sheehan

By Bert

If they were consistent, conservatives pundits would now proceed to open up a can of Cindy Sheehan on the mother of Pat Tillman.

Like the mother of Casey Sheehan, Mary Tillman lost her son while he was fighting a war for the U.S. But never mind that. Since Mrs. Tillman criticizes the lie the military told about Pat Tillman's death, you would think that she too must be destroyed.

"That's not a misstep, and that's not an error," Mary Tillman said on NPR News' "Morning Edition." "They made up a story. It was presented on national television. And we believe they did that to promote the war."

But I honestly don't think right-wing talkers will gang up on Mary Tillman. This time they won't open up the phone lines to allow the other mothers of soldiers to turn on this woman in her hour of darkness.

The public mood has shifted, and the appetite has soured for the p.r. stunts like "Mission Accomplished", Pvt. Jessica Lynch's bogus rescue, or the story that Tillman was killed while charging the Taliban.

Since this enormous mob of right-wing media did a hit job on Cindy Sheehan only because they thought they could get away it, it shows that they kind of liked it.

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