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Sunday, September 16, 2007

This is going to hurt

by folkbum
Fire guts north side school

A two-alarm fire Saturday night caused $100,000 in damage to a school building at N. 33rd and W. Brown streets and $20,000 damage to the contents of the building, police said today. No one was injured.

The fire occurred at Lad Lake's Synergy Alternative School and ULTRA Day Treatment Center, police said. The school serves young men and women ages 12 to 21 from the Milwaukee Public Schools. Students who attend the school have had a history of truancy, disorderly conduct or out-of-home placement at a juvenile correctional center.
Lad Lake served the students who couldn't handle traditional schooling--and whose school's couldn't handle them. It will be a tremendous challenge for MPS to re-integrate those students into the regular schools if Lad Lake has to close because of this.

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