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Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Real Debate Wisconsin Money Quote: Former Public Officials Who Should Know Better Edition

by folkbum

"The Real Debate Wisconsin Money Quote" is an occasional series highlighting the nonsensical and offensive statements made at Fred Dooley's blog of that name.

I waited a little while to post this, figuring that the Great Hunter of Sexism Jessica McBride would have been all over it by now. But she hasn't gotten to it (or perhaps reserves her wrath only for sexist Hollywood liberals). So time to re-open the old RDWMQ.

Today, the big winner is former Wisconsin State Senator Cathy Stepp. Stepp has actually joined the RDW front-page team, but her money quote--as all the money quotes must--comes from the comments section. In this case, comments to this absurd post in which Fred Dooley notes that Elizabeth Edwards complained that Hillary Clinton had copied significant elements of John Edwards's health care plan into her own. Fred slimily asks, "I'm curious, who is running for President, John or Elizabeth?"

I've been a fan of Elizabeth Edwards since I met her seveal times in 2003. Nice woman, outspoken and honest. She shows up all over the internet speaking for herself--not the campaign--and it sometimes gets her in trouble. To me, it's refreshing to see someone in a campiagn who is her own person with her own opinons. The subtext of Fred's comment, though, is that John can't control his woman. (I wonder how Mrs. RDW feels about that?)

But that's not enough to win the money quote. Nosiree. That, as I said, is all Cathy Stepp:
I don't know why you male democrats would support a male candidate who runs and hides behind his sick wife's skirt. You're MEN for cripes sakes!

To me, he looks like the whole wimpy and timid "she-male" caricature of manhood that the feminist movement worked so hard to create in the 60's. [. . .] Go home, mommy, and let Johnny at least attempt to look like a man this country (and foreign leaders) could respect.
I could just stop there. But she didn't. A couple comments later, there's this:
Still waiting for the male Democrats to disavow this girlification of the male species ...............chirp ....chirp ....chirp.
I think Cathy Stepp just doesn't realize that all she hears is crickets because everyone else is too stunned to respond--stunned that someone who should know better would say such a thing.

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