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Monday, September 10, 2007

Oh, Yes, He Did Say That

by capper

A lot of the right wing bloggers have been also posting about the upcoming election for Milwaukee County Executive. Doing my civic duty, I pointed out that Walker has yet to formally announce that he is running for re-election. I also pointed out that Walker promised he wouldn't be running for re-election in 2008.

Apparently, Pug J at Daily Takes took umbrage, and posted this comment:

You have fallen behind on reading Milwaukee Mags. Bruce Murphy already apologized for saying Walker promised to not run for re election. Awaiting your mea culpa.

He also cited this article from Bruce Murphy, who wrote:

My last column’s contention that Scott Walker promised not to run for re-election as county executive in 2008 was a bit overstated: He said he had no plans to do so, helping to buttress his image as a nonpolitician, but made no outright promise. He certainly fooled this voter.

Not quite an apology, but more of a clarification. But I digress. To Pug J, and others who may disagree with my assertion, I would like to refer you to a post by xoff, in which he quotes from JSOnline:

Walker clarifies '02 re-election comments

County Executive Scott Walker said today that comments he made six years ago about not running for re-election in 2008 weren't serious promises.Walker last week touted his accomplishments in office and strongly suggested he plans to run for re-election next year."I certainly didn't make that as a pledge" in 2002, Walker said in an interview today. "I didn't put it anywhere in my literature."Any remarks he might have made in 2002 about not seeking re-election in 2008 might have been joking references, Walker said...

In a campaign forum on April 24, 2002, Walker was asked if he'd seek re-election as county executive and how long he would hold the office. According to a transcript of the forum, Walker replied:

"I will focus on cleaning up the waste and abuse during the next two years. To put in place reforms to insure these changes stay in place, I am open to a run for a full term in 2004, but will not run beyond that term."

... As pointed out here earlier, Walker also told the newspaper editorial board, in an interview possted on April 21, 2002:

Q: Just so everyone is clear, you do, if you win, plan to run again in 2004?
A: Yes. I don't have an interest in running beyond that.

Now a grammarian might point out that he did not specifically "promise" not to run again, but as they say, "It's good enough for government work."

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