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Monday, September 24, 2007

Best of

by folkbum

Though it's still not up on the website, the Best of issue of Milwaukee Magazine is indeed on newsstands now--at least, it is on the newsstands that I didn't clean out for souvenir copies. Here's the pertinent chunk:
Media Winners and Losers

Conservative Blog (Amateur): Other right-wing blogs may be wittier or intellectually deeper [Ouch!--ed.], but Boots & Sabers combines an informed, newsy style with lots of posts and links to news with an engaged readership. Reader comments (which B&S labels "spurs," in the military fetishism that characterizes the web site of old college roonies Owen Robinson of West Bend and Jed Dorman of College Station, Tex.) further enriches the experience.

Liberal Blog (Amateur): Jay Bullock's folkbum's rambles and rants has some of the same characteristics as B&S ("my sworn nemesis" Bullock writes, tongue in cheek): frequent, usually pithy posts, lots of links and a knack for stimulating reader comments. Bullock's interests, from music to education, help engage us, and he gets the "regular guy" tone just right.
It is surprising and not a little irritating that the magazine does not actually provide the URL for my or Owen's blog in its piece, but, well, it is what it is.

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