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Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm Glad I'm Not Her

by capper

Poor County Supervisor Lynne De Bruin. She's got herself into a crossfire.

First, she starts catching grief from the left for inability to decide if she should let her constituents have a voice, as evidenced by Story Hill* and Mobile's Take.

Then, news breaks out about the continuing fiscal crisis at the Milwaukee County Public Museum, and Patrick at Badger Blogger, representing the right, points out that she is part of the "do-nothing Museum Board", that allowed the crisis to start. (Well, privatization did that, the Museum Board just made it worse.)

I may be mistaken, but I do believe that she is up for re-election next year. With that kind of leadership, I hope for the sake of the people in District 15, as well as the whole county, there is a viable opponent.

But Ms. De Bruin, even if she were to lose her seat, should be OK. Her educational and professional background is impressive, and she can always get a few bucks playing the puppet on Sunday Insight with Charlie Sykes.

*Story Hill has another great clip about the impact of the proposed transit cuts. Some of the clips can also be found at Milwaukee Rising.

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