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Thursday, September 06, 2007

[BUMPED with the ANSWER] A Poll! (Class Size)

by folkbum

So, dear readers, what would you say is a good maximum size for a class of high school seniors? An English class, in particular, but if you think it can vary, go ahead and explain it.

After a while, I'll tell you what my class sizes actually are.

UPDATE, Thursday 9/6: Today I had 39 crammed into my 90° classroom, out of the 42 registered for my second-block class. Fourth block was lighter, with 36 of 39 in attendance. I will admit that we were warned that upperclass courses might be a little overstuffed this year because they were trying to keep the 9th-grade classes smaller.

By smaller, they apparently meant 35, because that's how many are in my 9th-grade class.

Just another day in the big city.

(And props to FreeFall for guessing MPS would go for 40.)

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