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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Next, I'm going to try to get Zagat rated

by folkbum

I've heard from several people now that the issue of Milwaukee Magazine hitting subscribers' mailboxes this week names folkbum's rambles and rants as the Best of 2007 for amateur liberal blogging.

The list hasn't made it to the magazine's website yet, but it ought to be there soon. (Even though they don't put all of their content online, the Best of list is the sort of thing they do make available.)

On the one hand, this is really quite cool. I think the talent and blogging ability you see here from the stable of regulars and irregulars is certainly worthy of an award. On the other, I can think of a half-dozen other amateur liberal blogs in the city (more if you add the state) that also deserve to be called the Best. In either case, I don't think it's just what I do here alone that makes the difference.

Many thanks to Bert, capper, Keith Schmitz, Michael Leon, Ben Masel, and Realism who are the current gang of talent, as well as previous guests Steve Paske, grumbleberries, Sarah Fadness, Bryan Kennedy, Tim Schilke, nonpartisan, Josh Freker, and Ingrid Ankerson, who also at one time or another have been a part of the team (I probably missed some--let me know if I forgot). They truly are the Best of.

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