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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Reminder: Channel 4 Tonight

If you don't blog about it, or email me about it, I won't have anything to talk about. You're really willing to leave me with dead air?

UPDATE, 8:45: As soon as I walked in the door at 8:05, TMJ's people told me they were calling it for Doyle and Falk based on exit polls. I'll believe it when I see it called based in votes.

I'm all set up. Owen and I have a bit of a real-life "I'm a Mac-and I'm a PC" thing going on. It'll be fun. They're telling us we'll be on at least twice during the 9-10 hour, and at least once after the 10:00 news. Watch for it!

UPDATE, 9:30: CNN has also called the race for Doyle based on exit polling. Their exit polling is not that different from TMJ's. Still, I want to see votes. Oh, and FOXNews has called it for Doyle, too. I'm not ready to call it, yet.

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