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Thursday, November 30, 2006

MPS School Board News

Just in case you missed it. There will be three open seats of the five up in the April Milwaukee Public Schools board election: Tom Balistreri's at-large seat that he resigned last spring; Barbara Horton's first, on the northwest side of town; and Ken Johnson's third in the north-central part of the city. So far a couple of people are thinking about the city-wide seat, including Bama Brown-Grice, who I finally got to meet this week.

Johnson's departure is particularly pleasing to me. He spent much of the last year promoting the Milwaukee Parental Choice/ Voucher Program, which not only costs the district he's supposed to be representing money (he was actually Board president for most of that time!), but also costs the taxpayers who elected him money. No doubt a pro-voucher guy like him will land on his feet somewhere (cf. Howard Fuller). Speaking of vouchers, what John-David Morgan said today. Read it if you still wonder why I so strongly oppose the program.

The other two seats are Joe Dannecker's eighth (I'm tentatively supporting Terry Falk) and Jeff Spence's second, which is, as far as I know so far, challengerless, though Willie Hines would make an excellent replacement. Keep your dial tuned here for the blogs' best coverage of the election as it approaches.

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