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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day Open Thread

VOTE TODAY! Even if someone else thinks you're stupid, vote.

Don't know where to vote? The MJS has a handy guide.

Don't know whom to vote for? A recap of my recommendations and endorsements: Jim Doyle for governor; Kathleen Falk for attorney general; Don Holt for Milwaukee County Sheriff; "no" on both the death penalty referendum and the anti-gay-marriage-and-civil-unions-and-other-substantially-similiar-status amendment; Steve Kagen in the WI-08; Bryan Kennedy in the WI-05; and Democrats generally, particularly Jim Sullivan and John Lehman in some of the relatively local races.

Use the comments thread here to talk about your voting experience, if you like. If you are concerned about election integrity, remember these phone numbers: 1-866-OUR-VOTE logs incidents here, and they can put you in touch with local people who can help you. Watch the Vote wants to know about problems with electronic voting machines (of which there are few in Wisconsin) at 1-888-SAV-VOTE. The DNC has volunteers answering 1-888-DEM VOTE and checking in here.

Tonight, you can watch yours truly during TMJ4's election coverage starting after 9 pm. Or you can go out and party:
  • Conservatives round these parts will be gathering for a special election-night Drinking Right.
  • The party with the sure winners is the joint Herb Kohl-Gwen Moore party at Milwaukee's Lakefront Brewery (ironically, on the Milwaukee River, not on the lake) at 1872 N. Commerce St, starting at 7.
  • Te Milwaukee County Dems, including Jim Sullivan and Dave Cullen, will be shindigging at the Friday's Front Row at Miller Park, with doors opening at 8.
  • Bryan Kennedy's party is at the Fox-Bay Cinema Grill, 334 E. Silver Spring Dr. in Whitefish Bay, also starting at 8.
And don't forget to compare reality to what the bloggers are predicting. This is an open thread.

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