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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Myriad Random Thoughts 3: Things that befuddle me

-> Conseratives' spinning that the only reason Democrats won yesterday was because we ran conservative candidates. I'll give them Jim Sullivan, locally, and Bob Casey, nationally. But everyone from Kathy Vinehout to Sherrod Brown and from Steve Kagen to John Tester are solidly liberal. How do I know this? Because the very same conservatives were saying on Monday that all of these very same far-lefty moonbat candidates would go down in a leftward death spiral of socialistic fire. I don't care if their rhetoric is over top; I would like a little consistency, though.

-> Split-ticket voters. If only 5% of those who voted for Doyle and against Falk had voted Dem for both offices, we'd be talking about Attorney General Kathleen Falk right now, not Van Hollen. Looks like Kohl won Sensenbrenner's district again. Stuff like that.

-> Complaints that Green lost because he couldn't use $467k that the State Elections Board (and an appeals court and the state Supreme Court) said were off-limits. I ran some numbers, and if the reports of $20 million being spent by the campaigns are true, then each vote cost about $8.50. Green could have bought another 55 thousand voters or so with that extra cash, which still would have left him between 50 and 100 thousand votes short of a plurality.

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