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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Myriad Random Thoughts 4: Things I have learned

-> An election is the best way to spike my blog traffic. Can we do this every week?

-> Xoff has a life outside of the internet. If he's retired from blogging, I think I move up to assistant deputy vice president of Wisconsin Liberal blogging. If I could just knock off Soglin somehow . . . Seriously, thanks for the last two years, Bill. Stay in touch.

-> Blogs don't vote. (Actually, this election was more a confirmation of this; it's not something I just learned.) I've written before that some of my bloggy colleagues give themselves too much credit for things. But in everything from Joe Lieberman's win yesterday in Connecticut to Green's surpisingly large loss here in Wisconsin, we see the blogs repudiated. Wisconsin bloggers from both sides opposed the amendment (it was certainly not unanimous on the right), and it passed by 20 points. What wins is money and ground game (and, apparently, some latent bigotry), not blogs. Will that change by 2008? Doubt it. I may have more to say on this Saturday at Download 2006.

And thus ends the series of Myriad Random Thoughts. I'll see you at Drinking Liberally tonight, and then maybe I'll take a brief break. But this McIlheran column needs fisking. Brawler? Robola? You guys got it?

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