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Friday, April 28, 2006

Second Cousin Once Removed of TABOR passes Assembly

After defeating the Bastard Stepson to TABOR 66-32 yesterday (and killing ethics reform in Republican caucus), Wisconsin Assembly Republicans introduced a new TABOR after midnight and passed it, almost sight-unseen, 50-48. State Rep. Mark Pocan, who was there, has lots more. This is a bad, bad bill.

Fallout will come during the day today, and I expect a significant number of Senate Republicans (and by significant, I mean three or four, which is all it will take to derail the thing) to distance themselves from this. Most will use the excuse that this amendment only addresses state spending--limiting it to the rate of increase in personal income--not local spending as well. TABOR and all its relatives will die this session.

For more on why TABOR and family are bad for Wisconsin, see this earlier post.

Update: Bellweather conservative blogger Owen calls it a "disaster."

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