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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Brief Election Wrap

Well, the folkbum endorsement continues to be the kiss of death, as JD Watts lost to Jane Carroll 54-46%. Future candidates should heed that warning. It's a good thing I didn't come out and endorse Larry Nelson (Xoff rubs that in).

The bigger election news, of course, is what happened on the various Iraq War referrenda. As you probably know by now, three-quarters of the communities voting on the idea of bringing the troops home now or on an accelerated timeline voted yes. In many communities, it was close, of course; but the wide sampling of places around the state where voters said it was time to end the president's folly and get our soldiers home before more die needlessly suggests that the sentiment is generally strong across the state. I wrote last last week (twice) about how the votes might get spun by the other side. We'll have to keep an eye on the commentary today to see how accurate those predictions were.

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